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Pain is temporary,Style is forever

Pain is temporary,Style is forever

8/9/2007 - My dream is in my closet!

I was looking for 2 days after this oversized cardigan. And finaly i found it!!

I really like this kind of "borrow boyfriend cardigans style" And this one is from H&M, and its tottaly sold out in Sweden, but i think there are a few left inAmsteram.

By the way, i arrived in Holland yesterday. With a lot if delays, but it all went good in the end.


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2/9/2007 - This boots are made for walking..

I reall want those, perfect togehter with my black cape... and i like it that they are not to high..i have to many high hills, and need something comfirtable for once :)
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1/9/2007 - oh i found it!

I found the missoni dress i wanted..i will see if buy it next week! have to get some rest now..have big  party plans tonight at my dads mc club.


Todays outfit : Black washed skinny jeans,(JC) White ribbed top (Topshop) And my brown ankle boots.


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31/8/2007 - Missoni pattern

Okey, maybe this was a summerhit! But i still love the missoni pattern! The zick zack, i just love it!! I want a big sweater-dress..but were? maybe


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31/8/2007 - Lovely dress

Im in love!!! Yes, with this dress! And not to talk about the bag.... Give me!! And look at the shoes, the skinny hills are back! Finnaly we can rest from the big fat wooden hills.


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30/8/2007 - Hood and leather

They are hotter then ever before. And you can combinate them very good,in different ways. I love the leather hood jacket Rachel bilson is wearing here.

The trend that will never die (i hope)  is the leatherjacket. And yes older is better!

Look for a second hand one if you like, then youยดll get one noone else have ;)


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29/8/2007 - Purple dreams..

Purple purple purple!! A color i saw alot of at the fashion shows. In clothes,make up and accesorizes. I love the color, and im going to look for a nice purple color for my nails. And they will match perfectly with the the block pattern shoes i wrote about last week ;)




What a dream!! :)

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23/8/2007 - Cape

Today i buyed the cutest Cape..a black one.. Sherlock style with it.(put picture up later). i was going to buy a trenchcoat but i ended up with this insted. But its a really nice one! In 2 weeks im back in the Netherlands. Before that i need to buy a par of shoes and some grey tights.. and then i can be good in Holland.. im going to miss my favorite stores like Urban outfitters (lucky me i can order on internet) and ginatricot(like H&M ) and din sko.. (really nice and cheap shoes)

But i will find the good stores in Amsterdam to.. the have Filippa K so i can live with that ;)

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22/8/2007 - Block pattern

Oh this lovely blocks!! I am really on love with this pattern. And im really in love with those shoes!! This is a great trend.You can buy a really nice dress at H&M.

 Im going to buy the shoes myself :) And it would be nice to found a bag also.. im going to have look at Urban Outfitters. And lucky news for those who dosnt like to order from

internet, Urban Outfitters are opening in Antwerpen in 2008! Jippi!



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21/8/2007 - The fringes

The friges is back! I remember a couple of years ago when this was a big hit! And now its back. On shoes, bags, clothes, everything. This bag is from and you get if for 36 euro! The shoes is from a store in Stockholm, but there is alot of models of this shoe, i will let you know when i find them in Amsterdam. Perfect shoes for a cold decemberday!

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21/8/2007 - Welcome readers!

Hey! This is the first artikel im writing. Who am i? Am a Swedish girl who lived in the Netherland since august last year. In this blogg you will be reading about one thing, and that is Fashion and style. Most of all in English, but hey, keep your eyes open for some dutch words!

Here you can read everything about the newest fashion and how to find it. And alot more other fun things.


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